Stefan Andrews is a marine biologist turned filmmaker with a passion for sharing personal stories of human connection to the ocean. He is an ADAS scientific diver, a CASA commercial drone pilot and has been filming underwater for over ten years. Stefan’s main projects have consistently held a strong focus on communicating scientific research, animal behaviour, marine ecology and conservation.


In 2014, Stefan’s first film, A natural connection, shared lessons learnt during a year of international ocean experiences as a Rolex Scholar.  It was throughout this influential year that Stefan worked alongside leading underwater videographers and film crews working to document oceanic research, including the Netflix hit documentary Chasing Coral. 

Stefan’s extensive experience working as both a scientific diver and alongside film crews on a number of remote research expeditions inspired the co-founding of science communication media production company Ocean Imaging. In subsequent years Stefan worked with several universities and non-profit organisations to create content for social channels and communicate research findings. 

In 2016, Stefan produced and directed a short film Plague of Thorns, documenting extensive cleanup efforts surrounding a devastating invasion of coral eating starfish in the Maldives.

Stefan Andrews has unparalleled experience when it comes to assisting big names in documentary film making at the South Australia’s annual cuttlefish aggregation. Over the years Stefan has supported the filming of BBC’s Blue Planet II, productions for Netflix, the Discovery Channel and more to document unique behaviour observed in the waters off Pt Lowly near Whyalla.

Later that year Stefan visited Mexico to direct and produce a film showcasing an inspiring marine conservation success story. The film, Cabo Pulmo: a message to the world won best short environmental documentary at the New Earth International Film Festival in 2018. 


Stefan’s aerial, underwater and interview footage captured during Great Southern Reef expeditions has been used widely in news and media including a video announcing the region as a Mission Blue Hopespot. Additionally, Stefan’s footage was featured in the 2019 hit single from Vera Blue, Like I Remember You, which was released in partnership with Greenpeace Australia Pacfiic. 



In 2017 after earning his graduate diploma in Education from the University of Adelaide, Stefan  moved to London and teamed up with Dutch ice freediver Kiki Bosch to create a series of short videos focusing on human physiology in extreme environments. His video shot in Iceland, Freediving in Iceland rapidly reached viral status on the internet reaching tens of millions around the world.

In 2018, Stefan was awarded a grant from National Geographic to produce a series of educational videos about Australia’s temperate marine ecosystems. The Great Southern Reef project aims to share the inspiring stories of Australian communities and individuals with a strong connection to these reefs, celebrating the unique biodiversity, cultural and economic values while communicating climate change related impacts and other threats. 


In 2019, Stefan produced and directed Scott Portelli: Swimming with Gentle Giants a film sharing the close and personal connection of award winning wildlife photographer Scott Portelli to the humpback whales of Tonga. The film exposes both heart racing moments and the affectionate nature of these wild and wonderful underwater creatures and will be premiered at a number of the world’s largest international film festivals in 2020.


In 2021 Stefan is continuing to shoot, edit and publish content while running educational workshops with schools to promote local marine ecosystems. 

He is currently shooting underwater with a Canon R5 and Nauticam Housing. Stefan is available for freelance filming, editing & guest speaking and can be contacted directly by email stefan@theocean.com.au