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Stefan Andrews Ocean Imaging Giant Cuttlefish Aggregation.jpg

Stefan Andrews has unparalleled experience when it comes to assisting big names in documentary film making at the South Australia’s annual cuttlefish aggregation.


Over the years Stefan has supported the filming of BBC’s Blue Planet II and productions for Netflix including the 2021 doco Animal to document unique behaviour observed in the waters off Pt Lowly near Whyalla.

See Stefan's IMDB profile.

Stefan has has managed to capture a diverse range of cuttlefish behaviour at the aggregation site including rarely seen events such as inter-species mating attempts and predation.


Stefan is an expert on interpreting locally observed behaviours such as sneak mating, female mimicry, hidden stealth, fighting, courting, egg laying and more. Using time-lapse photography and in-den cameras, Stefan has been able to capture cuttlefish behaviour from a new perspective.

As part of the Great Southern Reef project, Stefan has created lessons and educational videos for school students to learn about this unique spectacle, highlighting research efforts, the boom and bust of populations sizes and conservation of Giant Australian Cuttlefish.

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