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Dean, Vicki, Rob and Maddie share a deep connection to the ocean. It connects them to the past, enriches the present and inspires their futures.


Dean is an artist, scientist and custodian who turns to sea-country for inspiration in his work. Vicki creates sculptures from kelp – evolving a traditional artform into contemporary designs that depict the beauty and fragility of sea-country. Rob teaches his daughter Maddie the cultural importance of catching a feed – always mindful that sea-country is traditionally women’s country and she must learn when to turn back. This is their connection to sea country.

Tasmanian Sea Country is a unique and unforgivable environment.


Shot in 2022 by Stefan Andrews, this film is intended as a thought provoking piece, a conversation starter to some of the big issues facing these waters and the broader Great Southern Reef.

Coming Soon

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