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Over the summer of 2021/22, Ocean Imaging's Stefan Andrews joined the OzFish unlimited team to document an inspiring seagrass restoration project in South Australia. 

Watch how the community got involved to collect washed-up seagrass fruits from Adelaide metro beaches, which then were planted into hessian bags and planted back out in the ocean. 

"The hessian bags provide a stable substrate that the seedlings can get themselves established before the bag rots away and by then they're big enough to be able to survive that sand movement" 

- Assoc. Prof. Jason Tanner, Principal Research Scientists, SARDI.

"When you throw that sandbag over that's got seeds in it you feel fantastic because you know that that is getting out there to where we want to grow the seagrass right to the spot and you'll come back later and see a beautiful seagrass meadow."

-Michael Sierp Senior Program Manager SA OzFish Unlimited


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