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Stefan Andrews is a marine biologist turned filmmaker with a passion for sharing personal stories of human connection to the ocean. He is an ADAS scientific diver, a CASA commercial drone pilot and has been filming underwater for over ten years. Stefan’s main projects have consistently held a strong focus on communicating scientific research, animal behaviour, marine ecology and conservation.


In 2014, Stefan’s first film, A natural connection, shared lessons learnt during a year of international ocean experiences as a Rolex Scholar.  It was throughout this influential year that Stefan worked alongside leading underwater videographers and film crews working to document oceanic research, including the Netflix hit documentary Chasing Coral. 

Stefan’s extensive experience working as both a scientific diver and alongside film crews on a number of remote research expeditions inspired the co-founding of science communication media production company Ocean Imaging. In subsequent years Stefan worked with several universities and non-profit organisations to create content for social channels and communicate research findings. 

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